Just started, happened after update.

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    My issue started on an older Surface Pro 4 i bought around 3 years ago. I only used the surface for about a month specifically for drawing. As it turned out my phone was more convenient for the task so this computer sat in a drawer after that month period till this January 2021 and has been used only for playing videos for long periods of time in the background. Everything was fine till i had a problem with my video player (VLC) not responding to play/pause signals from my blutooth headset. So for the first time since i've owned this device, i ran windows update. As a long time computer user, i did this WITH GREAT TREPIDATION. The reason i had not updated since this time was to avoid exactly these types of spontaneous issues occurring after "updating" which has wasted massive quantities of my time over my lifetime, making me literally fearful of using windows update. This new generation of Microsoft "culture" is also so bold as to remove features and functionality without warning. Things people will have started relying on. Anyway, after the update, the flicker started, which for me progressively gets worse over time moving towards a total screen "scramble". When its starts up at the beginning of the day, its fine and the problem sometimes stays away till the end of the day, even when the ambient temperature is HIGHER. These factors making me wonder if it is a software issue, and even an intentional handicap to get people to upgrade.


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