Surface Pro 4 Flickering Bottom of Screen + Dead Line of Pixels at Top of Screen

  • Note: Surface Pro 4 w/Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD running Windows 10 Version 1803 with all applicable updates as of this posting. Purchased 4/28/17 through

    The subject line of this post basically describes the problem. I noticed the line of "dead" pixels first. Can't be sure if it's one line or two (hard to tell on such a high res panel). Then, about 2 days ago, I noticed flickering at the bottom of the panel. The behavior is identical to what others have reported: I see what appears to be the images from the top few lines of the panel replicated at the bottom - albeit in flashes (the "ghosting" is just long enough to make them out).

    I've since overrode the behavior by adding a Registry Key to make the system clock show the seconds counter (found this fix on the MS support forums). Somehow keeping the screen constantly refreshing like this suppresses the flickering. Still, the panel is clearly defective (the line of "dead" pixels is constant), so I'll be taking advantage of Microsoft's newly announced swap out program since my unit is now just out of warranty (purchased 4/28/17).

    R. Kennedy


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