Change clock format to show seconds

  • Hi all:

    I too was getting the flicker issue sometime in December 2016 about a year after I had received my Surface Pro from the previous Christmas, so the warranty had just expired.

    In a search of forum posts within the Microsoft support forums, I discovered a post by Miquel Rodriguez dated 2/28/2017 where he had successfully mitigated (but not eliminated) the screen flicker by changing the format of the clock display in the Windows task bar to show seconds.

    From his original post he suggests changing the format of the clock display to show seconds using instructions found in these posts located elsewhere in the support forum:

    As Miquel mentions in his post, you may still get the screen flicker if I go to full screen for a static web page, or if you hit [CTRL-ALT-DEL] and wait. After a few seconds the screen flickers for about 2 seconds, stops for about 3 seconds, and repeats. Sometimes the flicker is worse during this cycle but always goes away once you come out of full screen view or exit from the reboot screen.

    In any event, this is only temporary solution for me until I can take advantage of Microsoft's exchange for a refurbished machine. I would prefer to have them replace this machine with free upgrade to their next version, or at least allow for a significant discount for the upgrade.

    Hope this solution is helpful.


  • @amethystnw That's amazing! What I have been thinking about is making an application that gradually changes one of your pixels on-screen so the screen updates, similar to how showing seconds on the clock also updates the screen, but an 'always-working' version.

  • Sorry,but even showing seconds,as explain,flicker screen still on...

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