No exchange for me ...

  • Hello, here is the 2 years story of my Surface Pro 4. (TLDR at the end)

    I had my SP4 on June 2016, it worked well, was happy of it. but already 6 months later i dropped it on the floor and it was it my screen shattered. The top left corner of my screen, where the headphone jack is, was completely broken on the black part with glass missing but apart from two or three cracks going through the screen, the rest of it was quite untouched. And most importantly everything was still working very well from the headphone jack to the touch screen even in the most far top left of it. I contacted Microsoft for a free repair but shattered screen caused by the user was nat eligible for warranty. And so as the screen and everything still worked great I didn't go for a screen replacement in a store that would have cost 400€ nor for a complete exchange against a new one for 800€.
    It is ugly but nevermind, it works.

    So I continued to use it as it was for now a year and a half and this bring us to present day. A few days ago I launched a quite heavy app. Not the heaviest I had ever launched since I had already used Photoshop and made renders on Premiere without any trouble. A few minutes into the app, the Surface was hot as usual but then the screen was displaying a ghost image. One line of pixel out of two was stuck on an image while the others were refreshing good. It is like having two pictures at the same time. I started wondering if it was the app that was bugging and closed everything but still the ghost picture was there. I switched it off let it cool down and the ghost image was gone when I started it up. But from then on everytime I use my Surface a bit too much (and the definition of "a bit too much" is getting ever smaller) this ghost image come back again.

    I have tried many things but the current temporary solution that I have is to switch off the screen for a second so that the ghost image is black and I only have black line a pixel line out of two and a virtual resolution reduced by two but it's usable. Disabling touch screen seem to have an effect too (but probably placebo)

    I would be happy if Microsoft could offer an exchange because it is clearly a hardware defect but as my screen is already cracked, it is pretty certain that they won't accept any request ...

    It's quite certain it is a hardware problem as this ghosting issue happens also in UEFI and in my dual boot Ubuntu after the same amount of use time. However this issue is also affected by software, for example setting fullscreen or quitting it in VLC or maximizing Thunderbird sometimes provokes ghosting but only in Thunderbird. I thought it was an issue coming from the GPU but disabling it does not resolve the problem (it has an effect on it as it makes the screen black for a second).

    Thank you guys for reading my story, I know you probably can't do anything but it is good to release its frustration somewhere.

    TLDR : Screen cracked after a few months but couldn't get a free repair with warranty. Continued to used it very well for a year and a half. For a few days ghost images started appearing after a heavy use. I certainly can't get a exchange from Microsoft since my screen is already cracked 😢

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