Dealing With It Unhappily

  • How the flickering got started.
    I used the computer for about 5 months without issue,then I dropped it and cracked the screen. So I replaced a screen without issue and then about 4 weeks after replacing the screen the lower half started vibrating. I have replaced screens before, this was fairly straightforward and cheaper than buying a new one. I thought maybe it was something I'd done but the vibration happened a month after the screen replacement. I would like to know if someone has also replaced the screen and found no solution as that would also prove my hunch that this is a hardware malfunction not the screen or software.

    I assumed it was my replacement job but my screen works well. In the beginning days of the vibration I could get it to stop with either moving the back hinge of the kick out or putting pressure on the middle edges of the screen by the hinge. Gradually it got worse so now the bottom half is just permanently blurry and vibrates only once in awhile. At first I thought it was my screen replacement job but I had no issue with my screen after replacement and no vibration. I believe it is weak connection caused by pressure on the back side of the screen from the hinge of the kick out. Since I've already voided the warranty, I am just having to deal with it.My hunch that this is a hardware malfunction and not software may be why Micro$oft does not want to deal with it and why there is no work around.
    I purchased this computer as a business purchase so I would say I am a heavy user since. It has been a big burden to only work with half a screen as I depend on being able to see detail.
    I use it to manage transactions and process professional photography, and media so at times the load can be quite heavy. I am going to buy a cheap chrome book and probably give this waste of money to my kid.


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