MS replacement is a PR stunt - no replacement issued

  • Hi all,

    Just want to say thank you for everyone that were vocal with this matter and taking a stand - and to get MS to acknowledge this issue.

    My Surface Pro 4 started flickering at the last bottom - alike many of the people that posted their problems on here. My issues is like Rob's:

    I followed the steps on the MS site:

    I did the updates.
    I did the diagnostic tool.
    Flickering still happened.

    I called up the (800) 642 7676 which was already disappointing. The voice recognition did not recognise anything I was saying after repeating several times.

    Eventually I was put through to Louis.
    I explained to him what I have already one.
    He then got me to

    1. hold volume up & power button down at the same time
    2. go to
    3. download SurfacePro4_Win10_16299_1801701_1.msi

    Once that was all done - he said that my Surface Pro 4 did NOT qualify for a replacement.

    When asked what "flickering" (per the MS statement below) qualified, he was unable to answer.

    [The extension of a free replacement is applicable only for Surface Pro 4 devices which are experiencing a flickering or scrambled screen. For other repair needs, customers will continue to receive service under their existing Limited Warranty support or Microsoft Complete.]

    When asked to speak to a supervisor to get more answers about this, he said they do not have any supervisors to handle this matter.

    So - the MS "replacement" is seeming like a PR stunt to me. They are "saying" they will replace... but to what extent?

    So so disappointed with MS.


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