i couldnt stand of this flickering screen, anyone got solution to these?

  • last year i bought 1 surface pro 4, here in Malaysia its a bit expensive item, after a few week iam experiencing a flickering and shadow like on my screen while playing game, then i call the shop that i bought then they simply asked me to complaint via Microsoft website, after all done im requesting for the repair or swap, then after all process done, its still the same problem happening to these ***** product, anyone got a solution please share, all i got from Microsoft web is asking to update, id already update every week but the problem still remain, for those who yet not buying this please dont!

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    They are now offering 3 years replacement for FlickerGate affected customers. Show this site and forum to the support agent and tell them that MS has already admitted it's a hardware issue and get your device replaced. Though it will be refurbished one

  • I got on the phone with a 2nd rep (because I finally picked up the laptop from my dad) and all he had me do was run the Surface Diagnostic tool and make sure it was all up to date. THEN, he proceeds to tell me to keep using it and if it happens, to call him. No, I elevated to his manager because it is a known issue. I think I bought this on my AmEx so I am going to look into the warranty for it.

  • Malaysia victim here too, I got my replacement unit which is a refurbished unit in June 2017 by bombarding at their Facebook page of Surface and Microsoft. And got the unit sold via Mudah.my last month.

    My replacement do not present the flickering problem... yet... I believe... better get it sold just after you have a replacement for the second time, this is the only way. Anyway, after this nightmare, I'm now kind of scared of ultra-thin tablet style of laptop on every brand, they advertised that it can run intensive software, playing AAA game or 'replace your desktop', this is not the case in real life. In my mind, it is just depend the life span of the components inside the tablet, how long it could stand/lasted for the heating, and our country climate should also be taking into consideration as well.

    Switched back ultra-book now and I could not be happier. There are many 13" laptop with great specs and the weight is light as well in the market now, and portability should not be a problem like Surface Pro 4.

    Good luck mate.


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