My SP4 flicker, workaround and possible reasons

  • So the screen flicker issues can be due to several reasons.

    My SP4 is 2yrs old and flicker started only recently (2days now).
    Unlike some of the videos on this issue... mine is small shaking up and down and I believe it started happening after the last firmware update.

    Now I found a workaround, if I run Video/Netflix the flicker does not happen. I tested this idea with a small video running in loop and the VLC (any video player will do) window size reduced to small and looks to be a good workaround for now.

    Now some reason as per my guess.
    When using different display technologies, in order to reduce burn-in (like the ghost you see after keeping something on the display for long) its a practice to move the entire screen 1pixel and back. This is usually invisible to human eye.

    I am guessing the display driver has a bug (atleast in my case) related to the above which is causing this issue.

    If there is a different forum for other Surface issues, I have a detailed writeup on some of those issues, reasons for the issue and fix for it as well.

    Do let me know if the above workaround helps for anyone else. But like I said your issue might be different and symptoms could be same.

  • I tried this - Ran Trailer's in Windows Movies and TV app reduced the size, I could live with that but no still flickers, but after I switch off the app everything goes cool and flicker stops grrrr!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • my sp4 flickering started from a narrow bar at downside of the scren and during a month transform to a whole scren flickering, I use your solution and it makes the flickering reduced in size back to what it was at first.


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