The honeymoon is over

  • After months of researching different tablets, I purchased my Surface Pro 4 on March 17, 2017. The specs of my version are Intel Core i5 Processor, 256GB/Go, 8GB/Go RAM. Since the beginning, I have noticed that the back of the monitor would quickly become unusually warm, but close proximity to both a window air-conditioning unit and a ceiling fan seemed to resolve my concern - that is until 2 days ago. I was playing a game; MS Excel and Paint were also open as I was tracking some stats in a spreadsheet and also taking screenshots for reference. I was attempting to paste a screenshot into Paint when the screen began to flicker. Also, the images of the three programs became transparent and appeared to blend into each other. With some difficulty as it was unclear which program was actually being affected by the cursor, I was able to close all programs and turn off the tablet. I allowed my Surface Pro 4 to cool completely and began again. All was well until the next day when it happened again. Fortunately, I purchased an extended warranty and have an appointment with the Geek Squad on Sunday. I don't know what they will do as Surface Pro 4s are no longer listed on their website for sale. The MS tablets are simply labeled as Surface Pro, no number. I don't know if they are re-labeled Surface Pro 4s or newer models. I don't want a refurbished model that may exhibit the same problem a year from now. I've been so careful in my use of my Surface Pro 4. Truly, it looks brand new. Currently, I'm backing up all of my files and making notes in anticipation of a new tablet and wondering if I'll be doing the same thing again in a year. This is SO frustrating.


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