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  • Last week I noticed my launch day Surface Pro 4 is starting to develop this. After prolonged usage or getting warm after heavy tasks like the few 4 or 5 rows of pixels at the bottom start flickering when static, and goes away after I touch the screen or move anything.

    So I am guessing, this will only start getting worse and worse. Questions for those who had similar experience:

    • How long will it take until it develops to unmanageable. In many case I can have a full day of usage with the problem not showing its ugly head, sometimes it will appear after just a few hours.
    • Has Microsoft done any out of warranty replacements? I cannot even find how to contact a Help Desk Agent anymore. I don't live in the US where I bought it, but would be willing to travel there booking a cheap flight if I can get a free replacement. Certainly not going to pay 450 USD to replace a dud with probably another dud that will have the same issue.

    Thanks for your advice! I really used to stand by the Surface products as I loved mine, having had the Pro 2 and 3 before.

  • Thanks for the response! Yeah guess it is a matter of time before it becomes fully unusable. Can be weeks or months but I’m sure eventually it will happen with no other fix in sight except full hardware replacement.

    It’s increible that a 1,299 Device end up like this. I used to be a loyal Microsoft customer, buying all Surface products and this dud on launch day, and even convinced two members of my family to buy one. (Theirs haven’t experienced any issues yet, at least they haven’t noticed, they are both lighter users). In addition to this I was part of the insider program (which probably contributed to reveal this flaw with the heavy load of deploying a new build every week or so), and Xbox is my console of choice, even bought a project Scorpio on launch day which hopefully doesn’t get any god damn issues.

    Guess I’ll continue using it normally until the flicker sticks permanently so I can reproduce it in the store. Would hate to travel there to be unable to reproduce it at this point.

  • @cask Count me in the club and I'm definitely not happy with it.

    Mine just started this week and I am afraid that it'll make my device unusable. God! That's a lot of wasted money.

    Well just to put in some detail - there are two instances I have observed when my S4 screen starts flickering:

    1. Maximizing a window
    2. It really just go gaga and flicker on its own randomly at a few seconds intervals

    Really really hoping that this gets fixed soon.

    • Ords from Philippines

  • @ordsosonio sorry to hear that. Indeed it sucks, they sell it as a premium device with such a design flaw, and instead of admitting and recalling then or whatever they just play dumb and ignore it. Never buying a Surface device again. After years of resisting maybe a MacBook is finally coming to my home in the near future.

    I will use this one til it dies and I hace my Surface Pro 3 which somehow still works like a champ (luckily it has the “good” battery Brand), but their replacement will definitely won’t be Microsoft hardware.

  • Well just got off the phone with Microsoft Technical Support. As expected, they downplayed the issue, stating it would be drivers and needed a clean install and what not, stating that I had done all that already, he said ok then indeed you have a hardware issue.

    However, since my Surface is out of warranty, he kindly invited me request an out of warranty replacement for 450 USD. When I stated that it was a well know design flaw and has affected several users and that I shouldn't be paying for it, then he stated that it is not a design flaw, Microsoft hasn't published it in their knowledge base, and that therefore it doesn't qualify for a free replacement. I pointed him to this site and posts in their own forum, to which his response was that I shouldn't believe everything around the net, and that it is all fake news! What an ass!!!

    So basically, I continue my original plan, just use this fucking thing until it becomes unusable, then see if I can use my Surface Pro 3 and eventually when I upgrade, buy a different brand.

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