Microsoft China probably have the worst after-sale service policy

  • Just like everyone else, my device started to flick. However, it seems that the customer service (here in china) does not even allow you to get a new one at all. What they did and are doing it basically nothing but stalling. They have the device back, "fix" it, and send back to you with a still malfunctioning one. I found some people getting back with a new devices. Maybe they will still have the same problem, but at least somehow the company payed for their mistakes.

    Well, let's go to my case.

    1.How the flickering got started.
    After using the device for 1.5 years, one day I happened to run a game (i hadn't used it to play games before) on the device, and the flicker started. I guess i hadn't driven it to the maximum capacity.

    2.Steps you have taken so far.
    Called the service again and again. At first they want you to go through a lot of examinations, which were completely useless and a waste of time. Then, finally, I got permitted to send it back to the factory. But after they send the "fixed" device back to me, I found a similar(even worse) problem is still there.

    3.Video/Photos of the flickering screen
    I have mosaiced part of the screen. But you can still easily find the desktop icon "on top of" my chrome

    4.Specs of your device.
    An 128GB surface 4, i5, 2.4GHz, 4GB ram. Not the best one, luckily.

    5.Average usability i.e hours per day, cpu load etc
    I didn't use this device quite often, just for paper work and surfing. I guess that is the reason why i didn't find the problem at the beginning.

  • Lord, you even can have you device fixed. They simply told me that they can do nothing to help me since I bought my surface pro 4 in the United States when I went there on a business trip! God knows when will I have another business trip to the US!


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