device bought in the US cannot get customer service help in China.

  • In November 2015, I was on a business trip to the US and ordered a surface pro 4 online through the Microsoft online store.
    Since May of this year, the screen started to flicker. But it did not happen all the time, often when the CPU usage is over 80% and the back side of the device is extremely hot. Unfortunately, the problem became more serious and I tried to contact the customer service here in China. But they simply told me that they cannot help me since my device was not purchased in China but the United States! So disappointed! I used to own a Mac Air also bought in the US. But when something went wrong with my Mac Air, I took it to an Apple store in Shanghai and they helped me replace the screen within one business day! I guess this is what helps to hold the loyalty of Apple products users. Maybe I will never purchase any Microsoft hardware in the future.


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