My experience with flicker, fully fixed now.

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to sign up to share my experience with flicker.'

    I bought a 128gb Surface Pro 4 1724 recently. The previous owner had gotten halfway through the screen replacement, but didn't use the right tape, so the screen wasn't fully secured and could be removed easily.

    This was attractive to me, as I would want a larger SSD. The screen also had some white spots where something had impacted the back side, and the touch didn't work perfectly, but the machine worked for the time being.

    However, after 1 hour of use, I would get the flicker problem. I went ahead and ordered a new screen on eBay for $115.

    When the first screen got here I was pretty excited, I hooked everything up and booted it up and it worked beautifully....

    For about 30 seconds. Then, the bottom third of the screen started to flicker, and after another 15 seconds the entire screen except maybe 100 pixels at the top were flickering.

    Now here's the kicker. I could unhook the new screen and hook my old screen back up, and there was zero flicker. This made me think the problem isn't in the mainboard of the Surface, but the actual screen itself, and that's why firmware fixes and workarounds don't work.

    I reached out to the eBay seller, and they replaced the screen. I got the new screen last night, and installed it loosely again. This screen worked flawlessly. I've now put about 8 hours on it, and have had absolutely no flicker. The machine works beautifully, and I attached the screen with the correct adhesive and called it a day.

    That's my experience, and I think it lends itself to the idea that the flicker problem is a problem in the actual display. Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Adam,

    Have you faced any flickering issue afterwards?


  • No, not yet. I use my Surface Pro 4 quite a lot too, at work and at home, it's working flawlessly.

  • Still going strong, Surface still working beautifully.


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