After browsing through Microsoft Edge, Flicker goes away for the Day

  • I have flickering issue from middle to the Bottom of the screen. After I browse for few minutes, flickering slows down and then completely removes.
    Without Browsing, It takes 1 to 2 hours. After that, it removes automatically.

    I use updated Windows 10 updates. Used almost all techniques from Youtubes and other posts and websites, but my this technique works better.

  • This flickering thing is like a Myth, you cannot tell what is the actual reason....

    For me, sometimes browsing also couldn't help. What I have observed is to bring some load on processor, like playing game.

    In my case, I work on Visual Studio and build Microsoft apps for my self. After a while flicker stops very soon.

  • @safdari Did you mean stop like "completely stop" or "temporary stop"?

  • @xversion1 it temporary stops. but always works.

    I don't know, if there is some code working behind Microsoft Edge, which causes flickering to stop.

    Also, I am also using "free download manager", it also helps stop flickering.

    Though, I also need "Permanent Stop".... which I believe now is to upgrade/replace to Surface Pro 6..

  • My sp4 started to flicker after I switched to Chrome and stopped using Edge completely. Coincidence? I think not...


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