Another victim...

  • I bought Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i5, 256 gb version) on Microsoft Store on June 2016 during my USA trip. May 2017, battery was swell and unable to hold charge. Since there is no Surface support in my country (Turkey), I contacted Microsoft US and they send replacement device and took mine. About one month ago my SP4 started to flicker/shake randomly on any screen. Sometimes it is impossible to work because of it. My system is up-to-date. I run Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. It couldn't find any problem. Shaking problem still occurs in UEFI settings screen and during boot on SURFACE logo. So, I think this issue is hardware related. You can see my video from the link below. I contacted Microsoft support in US and UK. Both told me I have to pay between $450-650 (depending on a country) to get replacement device. Then I asked what will happen if this problem occurs again with my new device? They said: Same procedure will apply. This is ridiculous. Some people report that this issue also occurs in replacement device. So, we know they couldn’t find permanent solution. I don’t want to take that risk. I couldn’t give this fee every time this problem happens. They need to find solution for that problem immediately. I hope they will hear us thanks to that forum.

    My video:


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