Flickergate, what makes it worse?

  • So I joined the club and I can't get a replacement because Microsoft does't sell Surface officially in my country. I have noticed something about this problem:

    1. It seems to be caused by heat but something doesn't add up. Sometime it started even my screen just warm up a little. Sometime it does not start even my screen hot as hell.
    2. If I don't' do any task, not even move the mouse, it will stop most of the time. But as soon as I move the mouse or some task running on the screen, it starts.
    3. It appeared that the touch screen made it worse. If I use Windows with the power plugged in, it will start after about 30' (if I use battery, it's 10'). But if I boot into Linux (I installed dual-boot Windows and Linux and I didn't install touch screen for Linux), it won't start until over 3 hours.

    Now I rarely boot into Windows because I can't do shit with 10'. Most of the time I use Linux. Well done making your customers went away, Microsoft!


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