MS victim

  • I believe this problem is for ALL Surfaces. The question is whether one uses it enough to get the flickering.
    I bought mine in 12/2015 and had flickering in 12/2017, when I needed it for several hours at home. (Before, I only used it briefly each time to check email, surf or read pdf files while travelling.) After reading posts on MS community, I did not bother contacting MS.
    I talked to the lawyers on the phone and found them helpless.
    I was too busy to register on this website until now.
    My screen has a very light crack b/c the magnet connector did not hold the laptop on my lap.
    In 7/2017 the charger also broke down for no reason and needed to be replaced.
    I am sure there are others like me.

  • Indeed I believe the same. You'll have to use it long enough for it to show it's ugly head!

    Also called Microsoft support, they sure can replace my device as long as I shell 450 USD. They are nuts, I am not spending on dime in replacing this thing! But yeah they even called all the posts online FAKE NEWS!

    Expensive lesson learned, never buying another Microsoft device again! Xbox one X I bought in November will definitely be the last one!


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