microsoft hung up on me because i didn't want to select the "pay to get tech support" option!

  • advice for people who want to contact microsoft for a replacement of their surface pro 4:

    Tell them when they call in, they'll give their product number. then they say go to download a tool on our website and they provide a website address. then they say: if you still need assistance, stay on the line. for tech support press 2. if you press 2, they say: for paid service option press one. for free help, press 2. DONT PRESS 2 HERE, because they say: go to then they HANG UP!!!! so i would recommend selecting the paid option, otherwise they will be hung up on. then when they can finally talk to a representative, they can say "i'm not really gonna pay." Another suggestion is to keep pressing 0 until they can speak to a representative. that's what i did and it worked!

  • We have 3 Surface PRo 4 devices which all started with this issue within the last few weeks. Contacted Microsoft and they said that the y only replaced devices until April 2019 and now have to pay for a replacement of a device that has a known manufacturing defect!


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