Screen flickering and image ghosting issue

  • I am located in Mumbai, India. I purchased the Surface Pro 4 device with the highest configuration available in 2017 - i7 processor and 16gb RAM. Within a week of purchase, I started getting the screen flickering and image ghosting issues. The retail vendor Croma from whom I purchased the device were not ready to give me a replacement and redirected to Microsoft Support Centre. Till date I have chased Microsoft Customer Support in Philippines for Asia Region 'n' number of times and the service offered is PATHETIC. The replacement device I was given faced the same issues. My case remains unresolved till date and I have lost all my hope and big money. Each time I called the Support Centre I had to brief the Customer Support guy about the issue I faced. The call lasted for more than an hour every time without any resolution. Not sure what CRM software Microsoft uses for its Customer Support. They do not seem to have a history of Customer Support conversation. Worst part is MICROSOFT DOES NOT OFFER A REFUND FOR NEWLY PURCHASED DEVICE WHICH IS FAULTY RIGHT FROM WEEK 1. PATHETIC and CRUEL.

    Till date, my issue remains unresolved and no one from Microsoft Support has even bothered to chase me to find if the issue has been resolved. I have lost hope in the device and Microsoft.


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