Has anyone been successful?

  • I am another victim of the flickering ghost screen. I use it everyday for work and it heats up and I could be in the middle of a session in video with someone and it does not work. What are some solutions? Have anyone tried replacing it? What if mine was dropped a year ago and it worked perfectly even with the cracked screen, would they replace it? Please help

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    Hi @caroauro,

    Unfortunately it's not fixable. I am the author of the original thread that started the whole flickergate campaign. I still have my defective surface due to work files and lack of time, I am not able to replace it.

    My screen has now pope out of surface as the battery is swollen to almost double the thickness of surface. The diagnosis is that the battery starts swelling which applies pressure on the screen making it defective. I will one day post the complete details on how it starts and what's the end of the issue.

    Meanwhile what you can do it is to replace you defective device. MS has extended the warranty on flickering surface pros to 3 years. Contact the support either on twitter or your MS account to start your process.

    All the best!

  • I tried Microsoft and they were a complete waste of time. I got to the point where they were to send me the shipping label info and they never got back on to me.

    Being technically inclined, I decided to try the repair myself. I changed the screen and thermal paste, resealed and its been working great ever since.

    Removing the screen can be really tricky. If one is not careful and does not have the right tools, they can warp the case, really messing up the tablet.

  • @RickL That is nice to know that you can repair it. I would love to see a tutorial on how to do that, appropriate tools, etc... for those of use whose flickering started after the 3-year flickering-extended warranty.

    @abbasharoon I would love to read the complete details that you mention.

    Does anyone think the issue could be related to non-microsoft chargers causing swelling of the battery? Or to leaving the surface charging for several hours even when fully charged?


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