Surface replaced...

  • I purchased my surface pro 4 around May 2016. My flickering problem began gradually and continued until it was unusable after about 30 minutes. Luckily I found this forum so I decided to pursue a replacement. I have a Microsoft store locally so I took it to them, they asked me to leave it for stress testing and called me 3 hours later to pick it up. They provided me with a case number and the Microsoft phone number. Even tho it took me about 2 hours to finally get a human on the phone, once I did everything went smoothly. I was provided a shipping label and told a replacement would ship as soon as they received my unit. I received my refurbished unit about 4 days after they got mine back. It all went smoothly and the replacement unit is indistinguishable from New... Of course I'm worried about the possibility of a flicker appearing since I have just until April to log any complaints about it.

  • The replacement that I got on Sept 2018 started flickering again after 5 months of use.


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