Hello from Vietnam

  • Dear all fellow victims, nice to meet you here.

    I bough my Surface from US and get it brought to Vietnam. Of course we never expect a laptop only last a year of two. This is the worst device I've ever had.

    I hope M$ will look into this seriously. I'm thinking which device I should go next, maybe a macbook when all my love for Microsoft goes dry.

    My case:

    1. Flicker appear after a year and a half. Sometime software update fix it but it reappear again.
    • Screen is also cracked but at the contact point with the type cover because the magnet is too strong.
    1. Steps taken:
    • Software update
    • Surface diagnostic toolkit
    • Tried to contact Microsoft but could not bypass their stupid assistant and end up in user forum with you guys here.
    1. Video: https://youtu.be/-hvUqOVbzvM

    2. Specs: Core M3, 4G RAM, 128 GB SSD

    3. Average usage around 4-5 hours per day.



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