Yet another unhappy consumer

  • I purchased my Surface Pro 4 in September 2016 during the "back to school promotions" & all the hype was "these are THE BEST for artists!"

    I had been eyeing the Modbook, an aftermarket modification of an Apple MacBook Pro to allow you to use a Wacom pen to interact with the screen, but the pricing was out of my budget at the time & I needed something right away to boost productivity & allow me to work away from home.

    So, naturally I thought "well, better off to buy the touch screen laptop approved by the manufacturer that is marketed so heavily to artists & the like" because that would mean that if there were issues I could actually have something done about it & know it is legit. (HA!)

    I purchased the extra pen nibs & keyboard to go with it - to which they market it with a keyboard because it a "hybrid" device & yet you have to make a investment to get the dang keyboard too?

    As soon as my new exciting device came in the mail & I booted it up for the first time, I didn't like it.
    I pushed through & installed all of my design programs & got right into using the device, convinced that I was just too used to my Mac & it would grow on me.

    In hindsight, that form of convincing myself made no sense as I use a windows computer to design with at my day-job. 🙄

    I missed the last windows 8 round of the devices & was stuck with windows 10, which is a terrible OS in my opinion but that's a different beef all together.
    I had spoken to someone as Microsoft to see if I could purchase 8 for my device as I hated 10 & the person I was talking to openly admitted that Windows 10 was a garbage OS on the surface devices. That should have been a red flag right there for me to return it if that rep didn't even have confidence in the product..

    Had I been smart about it & listened to my gut, I would have returned the device after giving it a shot for two weeks & still not liking it. But alas, I am stuck with the dang thing.

    My use of my surface pro was very minimal as I hated the way it interfaced with my programs & was really only using it for google docs/sheets a couple times a week, & occasionally to "watch" (listen) to stand up comedy on Netflix while I cooked.

    Because I was barely using it for the intended work purposes I decide I would try to make use of the tablet function of the device & tried to download games onto it via the Microsoft store.
    Well, needless to say the MS store didn't have much of a selection. So I opted to download BlueStacks, to emulate an android device to allow me to play better games on my Surface.

    This went great for a few weeks, was enjoying finally getting some use out of this thing!

    For a device that should be able to run creation/graphics programs, you would think it could handle an emulator.. for a short period of time, it did. Then the performance dropped so drastically that using BlueStacks would overheat the device within 5-10 minutes. So I gave up on that idea..

    A couple of months ago I noticed that after unlocking the device half of my screen would remain darker than it should be for about 15-30 min after I unlocked it, I thought nothing of it as I was actually using the device very heavily at that point in time & assumed it was due to the famous "MS Surface Overheating" issue that I had been reading about online all the time.

    Then it started staying around for longer & longer periods of time, as long as I wasn't working on any design work while the screen was doing this I was able to ignore it. Plus I knew that my device was out of warranty & I hadn't found very many stories or solutions to it online so "whatever".

    In the past two weeks it escalated quite quickly all of a sudden, despite the fact that I've barely used the device for very much or very long recently.

    It has now gotten to the point where that darker portion of my screen is now affecting a solid 80-90% of the screen 100% of the time. On top of that the content on my screen constantly "ghosts" over top of other content.
    If I am working in one page & click over the another page, I see two pages at once & stacks for every page I click onto.
    The cluttered "ghosted" screen will also relocate itself to other portions of the screen when it should be a static item.

    When searching for glitching & ghosting screens I actually found some info from others experiencing this online & decided to contact MS to see what my options are.

    The rep I spoke with was admittedly aware that the surface products start experiencing issue with overheating & screen glitches a little after a year into the device. Convenient that they only offer a year of warranty, no? 😒

    His conclusion was to tell me that all they can do for me would be to send me a replacement device, but since I was out of warranty it would cost me $450 USD (roughy $580 Canadian).
    I expressed my concerns about their warranty coverage & their knowledge of their devices having a short lifetime & in the end declined the "offer" for replacement for $450 USD as I cannot justify spending another penny (or I guess nickel, since pennies aren't a thing in Canada anymore haha) on this device.

    For $450 USD I could buy myself a cheap laptop, upgrade some of its components & add on a Wacom tablet & get better performance & longevity than this device has given me. 😐

    Moral of my story;
    Should have trusted my gut that it was a garbage device & returned it when I first got it.

    I hope that anyone debating on purchasing a surface product finds these forums & all of the negative but truthful reviews consumers are putting out there.


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