Me too- second time unlucky

  • I originally had a Pro 3- loved it until it got Win10, at which point the battery didnt work. Argued, begged, pleaded, with Microsoft- they denied any knowledge ... until 3 months after it was out of warranty, and then they said some batteries were bad and they would fix their mistake for £400. I tried using it with a charger all the time, but I went through several chargers and its not very portable, is it...

    So I got a nearly new SP4. He'd only had it 3 months, but he got a more powerful Mac... and now, 6 months later, the screen is going nuts. I have tried all the fixes, but it's possessed.

    Called, "Hey we will replace for £400...."

    Why can't this company put out and stand behind a quality product? So much is good about this, but the chinks make it less than useful!

    Being in UK, there is no class action here.... sigh.

    I am so open to suggestions


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