HP Spectre x360 8th Gen

  • Hi everyone,

    I know this is supposed to be for Microsoft Surface laptops. But, I got a new HP Spectre x360 15" 4K 8th Generation Intel CPU, and I am having a horrible horrible flickering on it. I simple can't use it.

    I bought it last April 2018. It had Windows 10, and I dual booted with Ubuntu. Then, I installed MacOS on it, so I had 3 systems. It was working fine. But 2 months ago, it started flickering on Windows 10 (on and off, not that severe). At first, I thought it is some software issue. I updated the drivers, bios, and all that stuff.

    Later, the flickering got worse to the point where I can't see anything on the screen and can't use the laptop. I tried to use Ubuntu, the same problem. The issue starts from the bios boot phase, so it has nothing to do with drivers or anything software.

    I figured out that when I boot with MacOS (Mojave), after I login into the system, I go to the Menu and click "sleep", this puts the laptop in sleep mode, then after that, I wake it up, and the flickering stops (sometimes in the first try, sometimes after several attempts). And that why I am now able to write this post here xD.

    Would it possible to have a petition for HP laptops too? Or some solution if any exists.
    Thank you very much.



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