Another case

  • How the flickering got started
    Started randomly - no new SW installed or any other change than regular OS & App Updates. First occurred in Sep, 2016. Put in storage for a few days - the issue resolved on its own. Had a case created for replacement, but eventually decided not to send -- now know it was a terrible decision. Now MS says, the device is out of warranty & I need to pay INR 35K (~$600) for a refurbished replacement!

    Steps you have taken so far:

    1. Checked if Task Manager flickered as well - YES
    2. Display Driver reinstall in Safe Mode - Done
    3. Complete clean system re-install - Done
    4. Results - Flickering is back

    Video/Photos of the flickering screen:

    Specs of your device:

    Edition - Windows 10 Professional
    Version - 1709
    OS Build - 10.0.16299.334
    Serial # - XXXXXXXXXXXX
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz
    Graphics card - Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
    System - OSType64BitX64
    RAM - 8 GB

    Average usability i.e hours per day, cpu load etc: 8-10 hr/day. CPU load is usually 40%-60%. Use for MS Office, Outlook, Browsing.


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