Surface pro 4 top spec bites the dust

  • How the flickering got started.
    I've used the sp4 for almost 3 years or so now. And actually there have been problems all the way. Battery drain... Keeps turning on and staying on when I put in my bag and comes out flat.

    Flickering started about a few weeks ago. And I was going to give up after trying all the fixes online... Nothing really helped.

    Best was forcing to is tall iris 540 drivers... And setting seconds in clock.

    Then I can usually get it to work for 20 mins to an hour..

    I also tuned down processor max and active cooling which helps a little.

    But it keeps getting worse.

    Anyway I contacted Microsoft in Thailand and followed instructions to run diagnostics and show uefi screen shaking.

    Attached some videos.. It escalated pretty quick because when I was trying to show Microsoft. Sp4 refused to shake. Which drove me mad. Took me almost 2 hours before it was shaking and I could send them a video.

    Today the shakes got the worst they've ever been.

    Right now I've completed all the steps and waiting for tech support to let me know of they will supply me a replacement unit.. Or.. What they can do for me.

    Sorry can't figure out how to attach videos via mobile but will try later.

    Good luck to all. Best bet is to get Microsoft to issue a refurbished set with limited warranty and well it or trade it in.


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