Hardware Fix

  • Hi peeps,

    I'm very surprised that I cannot find any resources or even find anyone who has attempted it before but surely attempts have been made to diagnose the actual cause of failure?

    I'm currently grappling with the issue myself, I'd be the first to admit that I am not an smd or electronics specialist but can work my way around some things.

    From my experience so far I have gathered the following information:

    • External displays (via dock or the mini DP port on the side) do not show the same issues
    • Different panels both exhibit the same problem (I have two of the Samsung LCD+digitizer panels for testing)
    • Updating/downgrading/replacing video drivers don't affect it
    • Brightness doesn't affect it
    • Firmware doesn't affect it
    • Screen changes/refreshes (such as adding the seconds to the clock) doesn't affect it
    • Thermal paste has been replaced and has made no difference

    This leads me to believe there is a component failure along the display chain - either something has fell out of spec or received damage. After approximately 5 minutes my screen begins to flicker, getting progressively worse until switched off and left for a minute or two. Once turned back on it's fine until a period of time elapses.

    Model Information

    • Surface Pro 4
    • i7 6650-U
    • 16GB RAM
    • 512GB Samsung Evo 970 Plus

    I will still proceed with my research and update this thread/post accordingly with my findings, if anyone has any experience or wants to chime in then by all means.

    Information Found
    Full hardware and component list for the Surface Pro 4

    Things of Note

    • Inductor towards the bottom right of the processor gets hot to the touch, however not unbearably so


  • I was thinking of trying new Thermal paste.

    I've searched around to figure out how the liquid cooling works and what is the actual "liquid" used. So far I haven't found info on it.

    The hypothesis is that maybe it is leaking or evaporating because at least in my case the problem has been gradually increasing. For a while putting a fan on the back fixed the problem, but this fix is no longer effective for me most of the time.

    It wouldn't be hard to make a small hole in the copper pipe at the right place, add some liquid and solder the thing shut again but which liquid and how much?


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