Me too!!!

  • Screen warranty left.....!!! Solutions????

    I thought I should add my story (typing quickly here as my time frame before the shaking is not much!) I bought my Pro 4 2 years ago and had it delivered to Canada from Microsoft. I did not get extra warranty as I live in Costa Rica 10 months out of the year and unable to get it repaired here and if I shipped it off for repair, the chances are good that it would "disappear" which is normal here. Because I live in tropical country, my Pro 4 heats up faster than it would in Canada so I have at the most 20 minutes before the shaking starts. I have tried all the solutions and updates on the Microsoft Forum but of course they did not work.

    My first time with a Surface and I loved it (replaces a Samsung device) although it cost more. Thinking now I should have stayed with Samsung.


  • You don't have many options if your warranty has expired.
    A Microsoft store can check your S/N and see if it maybe is in warranty and if it is its a exchange swap.
    If it's not in warranty its a flat $450 for an exchange.

    There are a few other troubleshooting options, but its more related to a hardware issue.


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