Has anyone received a decent unit in return

  • I understand that one might be more inclined to come here to voice frustration, but it would be helpful to know if anyone has had a refurb unit pass stress testing and function as expected.

    Is EVERY Surface Pro 4 a lemon? is there any indication of what percent of returns are garbage?


  • Hallo, at first I thought I got helpful advice. The screen flickert only a little bit in the lower part. Microsoft chanced the pencil and the first run of the diagnostic toolkit seemed to help (I was in the 'three years'). The Surface seemed to be ok again.
    so perhaps the things might help you.
    But I have to say: The flickering came back after a few weeks. I did a lot of noting with drawboard pdf and onenote during work with the surface, it got hot (?) and it is worse than ever. I can not use the Surface anymore.


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