Flickergate solved with an upgraded replacement

  • In short, I got an replacement of my old Surface pro 4, i7, 16GB, 256 GB storage with a new Surface pro 6, i7, 16GB, 512 GB storage at the cost of $644 (including tax).
    I bought a Surface pro 4 in April, 2016, but only until recently did I encountered the flickergate problem, which is three years and four month after my purchase. It was mild at first but got worse when I have to work on it for a long time. I searched solutions for this problem and obviously my surface is out of warranty. Microsoft offers a free replacement only for devices that are affected within three years. I bought many fans try to cool it down but it still flickers when it feels like it. I knew if I want to fix the problem, I have to spend some money, just didn't know how much. Had no expectation, I called Microsoft and the rep was very responsible. At first, he told me it's going to be $599 for an exact model replacement (Surface pro 4 16GB memory, i7, 256 GB) but he really negotiated with our local Microsoft store hopping to bump me up to a new model. After an hour ish waiting, he told me that they agreed to switch my old computer for a Surface pro 5 with the same configuration. I made an appointment with my local Microsoft store and went there. The store is 20 min drive from my home and parking was a nightmare. A rep helped me with my case. Luckily, I recorded a video when my computer was flickering since the rep asked me to show him what exactly happened. I erased everything on my computer and log-in requires input passwords and it might take a while for the computer to heat-up so I cannot show him at the store. After some waiting, the rep came back with a replacement. I was preparing to get a Surface pro 5 with the same configuration; however, they run out of those models, so they gave me a new Surface pro 6, i7, 16GB memory, 512 GB storage with the pre-agreed fee of $599 (adding tax is around $ 644). It was unexpected but I am happy with the up-up-graded replacement. I am really glad about Microsoft service and if you also experienced the flickergate problem, give Microsoft a call and they might surprise you with a satisfied solution.

  • Hallo,
    in Germany you can chat with MS all day long and they give you no reasonable answer...
    so I hope your replacement is still o.k. and wish you all the best.
    For my part: MS Hardware is nowadays a no go


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