Using my SP4 with a monitor... Yikes!

  • Yes, it has been almost 3 yrs since I bought the most wonderful all in one computer, but dealing with the flickering for like 2 years. The upper first inch works fine, the rest is just so blurry and jumpy! I first hesitate, because the flicker goes on and off for a while, but then, the shaking never turn off. I read lots of awful experience in the Microsoft community that I never had the guts to call, (stupidly scared). I bought mine in Amazon, so I did not know if it has something to do with it. But now I see this forum, and I feel less guilty, although I'm super down for this issue.

    You see, the amount of money that cost me this tablet, is literally what I learn in almost a month of work (I'm a teacher). Now I'm using it like a stay-at-home desktop with a Samsung 19" TV as a monitor. This is so frustrating and sad. Is it even possible to sell it? I share you my glitchy nightmare, you can see the top is quite readable, but the rest of the screen is like your eyes are stressed twitching.

    0_1567548381471_WhatsApp Image 2019-09-03 at 5.59.11 PM.jpeg


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