Another victim with refusal to replace

  • So here I am, 6 months past the 3yr extension for replacement and my screen starts jumping, flickering, and is blurry. I've called Microsoft but since I'm 6 months past they won't do a thing. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told someone would call me back in 30min to an hour. Three hours later and I'm back on the phone trying to get someone to answer. This is ridiculous. And the fact that Microsoft even put a timeline on replacement is poor customer service. They admitted to there being an issue and they couldn't fix it without replacement. It shouldn't matter when the screen flickering occurs, they should replace NO MATTER WHAT. I WILL NOT be buying another Microsoft product again!

  • Hallo,
    I was also 6 months past…. -:( I spent a lot of time by chatting with the Service Hotline, doing Surface diagnostic toolkits, Windows repair toolkits, Microssoft Germany asked me to sent a Video, at least 2-3 min. long.....and nothing ever happend. The flickering is worse than ever. I don't even get a simple apology. So I will never ever buy a Microsoft product again, I already bought some devices (phone, watch and tablet) of the company with the "fruit".

  • I have the same issue: screens flickers after the tablet is also around 3 1/2 years old and while, after getting a video with the issue, Microsoft agrees that I have the genuine case of screen flickering, they will not do anything: a replacement costs in Germany 485 EUR (the same as for any other out-of-warranty faulty Surface 4 pro) after one have paid 1500 EUR for what they call a "luxury product".
    The site describing the way how they are handling this mentions the option to purchase "out-of-warranty support" that actually does not exist as a service.

  • I am in the same situation as you are in. My Surface was purchased in November 2015 and it started flickering a few months ago. Now it's flickering all the time.

    I find it really unfair that a problem that wasn't our fault happens right after this artificial deadline, and I'm sure Microsoft knows that most of the problems happen after this date. I'm sure they won't pay out much money, as the majority of us fall outside the deadline.

    Is there anything we can do about this? I feel like Microsoft created this policy so it could avoid having to pay for most of these replacements. This shouldn't be allowed. They made a defective product, and they're making us pay for it.

  • @rehooker Same here, But I've got a solution to make it usable at least:


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