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  • SP4, i7, 16GB, 250GB, W10 version 1709, updates current. Purchased December 2015. Flicker started within the past week. This tablet doesn't work very hard; fan occasionally runs when playing video or with a lot of browser tabs open. I run my taskbar at the top of the screen, and the first symptom I noticed was another iteration of the taskbar partially appearing at the bottom of the screen, in a flickering fashion. Mouse movement stops it. I found the flickering taskbar would cease if I had nothing running full screen; all apps not maximized, desktop image centered with black border around it. Today, for the first time, I noticed the entire screen jittering (text on NYT page running in Chrome). Again, jittering will stop with mouse movement, or when Task Manager is displayed. The fact that it stops as described points to something other than heat. Full screen jitter is still not prevalent, but the "ghost" taskbar at the bottom of the screen persists, now even when nothing is running full screen. That's it. That's all I know.

  • if possible your best bet may be going into a Microsoft store.
    They can run a few diagnostics on the device to see about determining what is causing your problem.
    The issues your coming across may possibly be software related; since you are correct most flickering issues are thermal related.
    Or it could just be a bad panel itself. 🤔

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    The flickering stopping when the mouse is moving or there is movement on the screen is a recurring theme with flickergate, it just seems to indicate that you are in the early stages of the screen failing.

    It will get progressively worse, and will reach a point where that does not alleviate the screen shaking.

  • I believe I read in one of the threads here that this problem does not appear on an external monitor - is that correct? If so, I can re-assign this tablet to my home office where it can run connected to an external monitor. I'll have to get another tablet or laptop for travel. My past Toshiba and Lenovo experiences were better than this! Meanwhile, my wife is still OK with the SP3 that I passed on to her when I got this one. It seems that I'm doomed to replacing whatever I'm using every 2 years. Life goes on.

  • My exact experience with SP4 purchased in December 2015, I am afraid... i.e. started with a tiny shaking at the bottom of the screen, just a few lines. Then, the entire screen gets blurred as it shakes ever so slightly. Reading other posts, it's just the beginning 😞


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