Almost 4 years old and flickergate has arrived...

  • My Pro 4 started flickering like 2 months ago. First it started at the bottom and only while being linked to Surface Dock - I use it as a "daily driver" at work and it has been excellent - with the exception of the 1st 6 monhts when Microsoft had driver issues with the dock and external monitors...😠
    About 3 weeks it started flickering and now I know what Flickergate is all about 😞

    Based on what I've learnt then my system is "out of replacement time" which is really sad. I had planned to upgrade to SF Pro 7 since I really dig this product and its versability.
    Now I am not sure... had planned on using the old surface as a tablet for my kids.
    Microsoft should offer a screen replacement at cost price. I'd fix it myself since I had considered to change the battery already...


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