surface pro 4 flickergate after screen replacement

  • so i dropped my display during a ssd upgrade (well it slid of my desk) so i got a new screen and used the cracked one for a while then left it alone for a while
    after putting a new screen on the device i noticed something odd.
    the device (atleast as far as i can notice) fully freezes at random when on battery.
    os 1709 seemed to have supressed it but sill no change.
    so i decided to run a adia64 benchmark for 9 hours at night at screen brightness 0
    to see if it happens while plugged in.
    the temps never went over 70c but then the issue started..
    first of all the adia64 window is permently burned into the screen whenever it is on for longer than 5 mins
    but the longer its on the worse the issue gets.
    when i remove the screen from the housing and use a blow dryer to blow cool air over just the display the issue seems to mostly fade for 5-10 minutes.. any tips for this? i have connected my old screen and voila.. no issues at all anymore so it seems to be a design flaw in the actual screen? (the screen appears to be a OEM model) as you can see after about 2 hours on doing no benchmarks now

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