Flickering and ghost images if running for several hours or doing something graphic intensive

  • I purchased my Surface Pro 4 a bit over 2 years ago. It is out of warranty. The flicking was the first symptom. The ghost images came around a month after that. After reading about similar issues and consulting with a diagnostics person who was familiar with the issue, I decided to get a different non-Microsoft device for home. I usually maintain a primary computer for home and a lesser system for when I am out. On average, I use my "out & about" device less intensely and for shorter periods than my home system. So I will use the SP4 when I am out with the hope that less use will extend its life. I certainly have no confidence in using the SP4 at home since the issues consistently occur with long or graphic intensive activities.

    So much was said about SP4's improvements over the previous versions that I disregarded Microsoft's previous issues with the Surface series. Burn on me. I was really impressed with the apparent quality of the SP4. But the only computers which began to fail in such a short period of time due to no apparent cause from me were a couple of low end units. I certainly but maybe unjustifiably expected more from a Microsoft product. But, for me, the SP4 has been relegated to usage as a low end computer


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