Issue stems from hardware not properly repainting static windows. Solution: millisecond clock in background

  • Found a free solution / software workaround without need to change drivers / underclock cpu (both which didn't work for us), using a javascript clock Details as follows.

    Our 3 year old Surface 4 exhibited the problem half a year ago, but I didn't get around to organising the MS replacement before the 3 years were up.

    Now, I found when browsing websites with Chrome, using the keyboard touchpad with two fingers to scroll down, the flicker would completely stop while my fingers were touching the touchpad (causing the screen to constantly repaint the window contents). As soon as letting go, the flicker would return, as the static display would tell the hardware "no need to repaint now, so you can do your hardware flicker thing."

    Based on this, and other threads where people displayed seconds in the windows clock (which only stopped the flickering for a tiny fraction of a second for us), I tried opening up a javascript clock that displays milliseconds (as I couldn't find any windows applications that run Always On Top that display milliseconds). As suspected, when you have a browser window open to something like , the flicker completely stops. Minimise the window, and the flicker returns. Restore the window, and there's no flicker.

    I was thinking of investigating the development of an app that can run code similar to this that runs always on top in the bottom row of the screen, 1px high. Instead, I found that you simply need to have this window open and active at all times to prevent the flicker. You can run other windows full screen over this, and there's no flicker. You can grab the window and drag it so the window contents are mostly off the screen, and there's no flicker.
    If you bookmark / kiosk the url and have this open on windows startup, this might be better than the $450 warranty fee for replacement (which is not guaranteed to return without the issue reoccurring).

    Hope someone finds this useful. Cheers from Adelaide, Australia

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    That's helpful only in the start. Later it doesn't stop on anything even continuously playing video. If you have 3 years warranty left then replace it or better upgrade it as I haven't seen SP 6,7 owners complaining about the issue

  • Agreed. This solution only lasted a week. Will look at upgrading as out of warranty.


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