Windows Defender

  • I just spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft support and they had me do a multitude of things, but there was one solution we tried that seems to have fixed the issue for now. Only time will tell if it is a long-term fix.

    Open up Windows Defender Security System (you can just search it in the bottom box by the windows menu). Select "device performance and health". Look for "Fresh Start". Underneath of it you should see a blue link for "additional info". Once you click that it will take you to a new screen where you have to select the button labeled "get started". Follow the prompts until it begins the fresh start process.

    Unfortunately it will uninstall all of the apps you had previously installed, but all of my personal files were still on my computer afterwards. I am in the process of reinstalling my basic apps (like Word, Adobe, and Chrome) but so far no flickering. Like I said, time will tell if this is a long term fix.

  • hi @rnstudent did this solve your flickering problem or did it go back?

  • Since this is such an inconsistent/sporadic issue, it takes some time to know for sure if it works. Could you let us know if this solved your problem for good? I hate to have to re-install a bunch of apps for nothing.


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