The flickering hath begun

  • The screen of my SP4 (i5, 8 GB RAM) started flickering a week ago while I was going over a report I had typed on Word. I downloaded recent updates from Microsoft as that was a suggested solution to the problem at another forum I read, but nothing has helped so far, and upon seeing this website, it seems that it is indeed a hardware problem. Right now, the screen starts flickering after being inactive for a few seconds and stops once I move the mouse or start typing. Apparently, this is only the beginning and the problem will get worse.

    It sucks to have spent so much on an SP4 only to realize it will merely work well for a year or two. I literally only use it to write notes during class and study (well, and Netflix) and I have been recommending it to people saying it was the best investment I had ever made. I was clearly wrong.


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