Surface Pro 4 flickering - My experience and temporary fix

  • I have a surface pro 4, 512Gb, bought in March 2016.

    I got a replacement because of bloated battery in March 2018

    I started to notice flickering and jumping of display in July 2019. I phoned microsoft support. They acknowledged the problem and that it was a design flaw, but was not able to provide a replacement because

    • it's past the deadline for free replacement
    • they have already replaced my laptop once because of bloated battery.

    They offered an out of warranty replacement with a cost that I am not willing to pay; since this is a design flaw of microsoft.

    I am able to still use my laptop for 1-2 hrs, with a usb fan blowing on it. But after about 2 hrs, It starts flickering again. I have to shutdown, and let the laptop cooldown. After which I can use again for a couple of hours.

    I hope Microsoft will do the free replacement since it's a design flaw.

  • Same! If my computer has more than one tab open the font turns blurry and the screen starts to jump. The fan will kick in and attempt to cool down the computer but it doesn't seem to actually do anything other than create a lot of noise. I was also told that my computer does not qualify for replacement as it was purchased more than 3 years ago. This is a manufacturing flaw, why should i have to pay for it?


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