03/01/20 Too bad so sad, you're out of the extended warranty

  • After experiencing the words on my computer screen becoming blurry from jumping around, I thought I'd look around the internet to see what the problem was. The great news - I found this website, I now know that I am not alone in this. The not so great news, Microsoft refuses to replace my Surface Pro because I purchased it in 2016. A little over the 3 year extended warranty mark that microsoft offers as a way to rectify a their mistake.

    I am a freelancer and my computer is essential to my livelihood. In it's current state the device is useless. I made a investment or so I thought, when I spent $1500 on my Surface Pro, yet the device hasn't even made it to 4 years. If this is what Microsoft deems as a quality product, I feel misled and unsatisfied with my experiences with customer service in resolving the issue.


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