SP3 caught up in Flickergate!

  • Hi, I'm (unfortunately) a Surface Pro owner (3) and 2 weeks ago my computer started what I called 'glitching'. After a quick Google I realised it was a known problem called flickering so I asked for help through the Microsoft Help Centre.

    They gave me instructions to re-set my computer, which - after a horrendously long time due to the damn flickering - I finally did! Back to factory settings, I went to install the system updates and now I'm stuck in a system upgrade stalemate that basically just means my computer shows the Surface Pro logo (black background) whenever I try and install the updates (it doesn't cycle through). I'm so sick of going back and forward with Microsoft (although they've been good at keeping in touch, they havent' offered any solutions). I'm really pissed as I would expect a tech investment of over $1500 should last at least 5 years. I'm thinking of complaining to the ACCC (I'm in Australia).


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