Getting this litigation started!

  • So, in all probability, this class action product liability suit can wind it's way through the courts for years. Surface Pros, for all its promises has become an inferior product that everybody on this forum and everybody who doesn't know of this forum, is suffering from. We paid upwards of $1000 for a product that is stops functioning soon after purchase. The manufacturer is giving us some lame excuses in the hopes of diverting our attention and energies to half-baked solutions that won't fix the original engineering problem. Microsoft has the funds and the engineering capability to make this right. We need to get behind the law firm, if need be with some money, to incentivize the legal action to pressure Microsoft to solve this NOW. I don't need a new Surface or a check to placate my purchase decision in two-five years. I need a fully functioning tablet/hybrid that does the job that was promised and I need it now. Microsoft will pay attorney's millions of dollars to defend this over the next few years or they can do what's right by the customers who invested in their product and brand and spend their money taking care of their customers. It's time to get a spine folks and get the law firm to tighten the noose on Microsoft!

  • Is there anything you suggest we can do to help, other than raise awareness of this issue?
    I can't do much to help with the litigation because I don't live in the US, but I want to do something.

  • @pjohannesson i felt the same as you until i redmembered the problems i had with the old remanco touch screens used wdely in restaurants in the nineties....the longer they were on the more flickering and confused the system would get, ive been suffering with flicker on my surface pro for some time, last night i opened the device manager and disabled the touch screen under human interface options and suddenly most of the flicker was gone, i then cleaned the screen with alchahol wipes and re enabled the screen and the flicker is now gone. I think a lot of us are blaming hardware faults or software when in fact dirt is effectively shorting out the screen ie the screen is being touched by dirt in multipe places and confuing the hell out of it.....give it a go it sorted my problem out

  • @brassica go into device manager and disable your sreens human interface, itll still recognise the stylus..... if this settles the flickering clean the screen with alchohol wipes and re enable the screen after months of flickering it sorted my flickergate issues that i had for over a year

  • The law firm of Migliaccio & Rathod LLP currently has an open investigation into the flickering issues of the Surface Pro 4. Our attention was grabbed by another poster of this forum, so I thought I'd leave our link here for anyone who is interested in exploring their legal options. Unfortunately, we are only able to assist domestic US residents in this matter.

    Read about our investigation here:

  • @migrath What if I bought my product form the U.S when I was there, but I am not a U.S citizen and no longer live there?
    (Had the appropriate visa for the time I did live there)


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