Flickergate and Ghosting

  • I am having the same issues as I see here. I spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft Service Support who indicated my issues are not hardware problems that it is an incompatibility problem. He had me do a "fresh start" with reinstalling windows and all of my software, which took me two days to do. and of course shortly after it just stated doing the same thing.
    He was supposed to call me back on Monday to see how it working, and of course that never happened. I am just a couple weeks short of being at the 3 year mark for replacement, but it looks like they are not going to replace it. And the replacement will probably do the same thing as most here have indicated here.

    I have uploaded several more more pictures to the upload site and send another email to Service Support.
    This is just ridiculous.
    Will definitely never purchase another device from them.


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