Sadly joined the club

  • Mine started since middle of last year just after my warranty expired.

    The flickering first started when I was using it longer than usual, almost 12 hours continuously. Then I shut it off. The next day, I used it again and this time it appeared within 2 to 3 hours. Then the flicker will always start to appear after 2 to 3 hours and maybe longer if I use it in a super cool place. I read through the MS forum and decided not to contact the Customer Service. I live outside US so it is quite difficult to go for exchange if not refund. I tried disable Hyper V thing, Flu.x software, the task manager, the ticking clock and it only delay the appearance of the flickering. Updating software to the latest version is not a solution. I don't fresh install as I read it is not going to help either.

    I am super disappointed with MS. Regret ever since as SP4 did not come cheap. I was eyeing for Surface Book 2 but this experience thought me not to trust MS product as yet. I need a replacement for my SP4 so maybe I am going for Dell XPS 13. I really hope MS will take responsibility on this issue (it might not happen though).

    My spec: 128Gb, i5, 4Gb RAM

    Link to my evidence

  • @mayor21 in my opinion Microsoft have produced a device that is not fit for purpose. My son has the same screen flickering issues. He has also has many other problems with his surface pro as has a friend who purchased one.

    Further my other son had one that was developing issues also but he was fortunate to have his stolen and we have now replaced with a good brand!

    So in short Microsoft should in order to protect their reputation and brand be making a total recall of these notebooks but I have doubt they will given no action has been taken to date in that regard

    I note there are varying suggestions as to how to remedy the numerous problems but the best option is likely be to dispose of your Surface Pro to your local dump!


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