How To Resolve If My Arlo Base Station Offline ???

  • Arlo base station offline may be because of many factors, such as slow internet connectivity, or there can be any problem in the base station or the router, the experts and technicians are always there, to help you out, in every mode to make your camera work again and make ut to the online mode. Arlo base offline can be cured, anytime once the call will be received the action will be taken immediately. The camera will be again to work if it will be operated properly.

  • Troubleshoot your base station
    If your base station is offline, follow these troubleshooting steps in this order:

    Check the Ethernet cable.
    Make sure that your Ethernet cable is securely connected to the base station and router and that you're using the Ethernet cable that came with your system.

    Check the Power adapter.
    Make sure that the power adapter is securely connected to the back of your base station and securely plugged into an outlet.

    Try to connect to the Internet from another device that is connected directly to your router.
    Use an Ethernet-connected device, not a device that is connected using WiFi (you can turn WiFi off on the device to ensure that the device is connecting using the Ethernet cable). Make sure that you can browse the Internet from this device.
    If you cannot browse the Internet from the device, you need to restore your router's connection to the Internet.
    If you can browse the Internet from the device, continue troubleshooting.
    Power cycle your base station.
    To power cycle your base station, unplug the power adapter from the outlet, wait two minutes, and reconnect the power adapter to the outlet. The base station takes one to two minutes to start. When the power LED and Internet LED light solid green, your base station is connected to the Internet. If the Internet LED is amber, continue troubleshooting.

    Check your router's DHCP settings and client list.
    Ensure that DHCP is enabled and that router's DHCP client list supplied an IP address to the base station (if it did, the base station appears in the client list.) For more information, see your router documentation.
    If you were previously able to connect your base station to the Internet but now cannot connect, check the router's security settings and firmware to ensure that no changes were made since the last time it successfully connected.
    You might want to temporarily lower the security settings on the router or temporarily place the base station in the DMZ to rule out any firewall restrictions. If you make these changes, power cycle your base station as described in Step 4.
    Check to make sure that ports 443 and 80 are open on your router.
    If you do not manage your Internet environment, contact your IT department for assistance with any firewall or router configurations. The Arlo base station cannot connect through most proxy servers. Check with your IT team and Internet service provider (ISP) about ways to bypass any proxy servers. Ask your IT team to ensure that ports 443 and 80 are open.
    Perform a factory reset on your base station.

    I hope these steps will be helpful!
    Mark Wilson


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