New firmware might inadvertently fix the problem

  • It could be, mine hasn't done it in a couple of weeks. I just checked and the Firmware update was installed around that time, I got it early as part of the Insider Program so it could certainly be the cause. Yesterday, while upgrade to 17334 (rumored to be the final RS4 build), at the same time I transcoded some flac files to mp3, and left it idle and nothing, even if it was running really hot.

    I don't want to get my hopes up like you say, but could it be possible they fixed it this time? We will see........

  • new firmware? how can I get it? or how can I be review I have it? .. .is the same than windows update section? thanks for your tips..

  • The new firmware update doesn't fix the issue for me. In fact, I only started getting the flickering a few days after the update. I now see that another thread confirms that the firmware doesn't fix for everyone.

    The new Touch firmware version is Look for this number in your Update History. Strangely, the full line is:
    Surface - Firmware - 9/12/2017 12:00:00 AM -
    even though the firmware version page
    confirms that it came out on 4/12/2018. Also, my UEFI settings say, but I'm 95% certain that's the same firmware.

  • @big-un Can you provide any details on what exactly you did?

  • @ualeriano I received the new firmware through regular windows updates.

  • @acjoshi Nothing special. I ran windows updates, which included new firmware. After it installed, I noticed the screen was not flickering anymore. Before that, it would flicker within seconds of no movement on the screen. I've run stress tests, cpu and gpu, at all levels of brightness and I have not been able to recreate the flickering. I even booted to the UEFI BIOS to be sure. I'm still not confident it will last, but it's stable for now. Wish it worked for everyone.

  • Have the update since 4/15...flicker still there 😞

  • @milindkanetkar Damn. I have no explanation why the firmware worked for me. Unless it's because I didn't have the flickering for long before I did the update. Perhaps I had minimal hardware damage so the firmware was able to do its job? Pure speculation but I really don't know why.

  • @big-un Yeah.. that could be the case ... good that your were able to contain the damage... I have done much testing with Intel Graphic Card Stressing tool early on to check if it was HW / SW issue... anyways - its the most expensive desktop I ever bought 🙂

  • HI all,
    I'm new here. I've had my Surface Pro 4 from the first week they were released here in the UK, so it's over 2.5 years old.
    The flickering started for me since installing the latest updates and firmware. Sometimes moving the mouse will stop it for a few seconds, but sometimes not.

    Digging around for a fix but i doubt Microsoft will want to replace such an old device now


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    Hi @LucyLastic

    MS has extended warranty for devices affected with FlickerGate for upto 3 years. You cab definitely get yours replaced if it's 2.5 years old

  • Hi @abbasharoon
    And how do I get this device replacement? My problem is even more complicated, since I am in Brazil and the MS here does not support. I'm going to need to go to the US for this. (my Surface has 1.5 years old).

  • @abbasharoon Have you heard from/read about any stories from people who chose to get their surface replaced as a part of that program? My surface is 2.5 years old, but extremely lightly used (practically new quality with no signs of wear due to babying), so I'm hesitant to downgrade to a refurbished quality. My flickering doesn't start until a few hours after use too, so although I really want it fixed, I'm not sure if it's worth it considering some of the stories I've heard where people send their surface in but it gets damaged in transit and then Microsoft just returns it in worse condition. Would appreciate any info, thanks!

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    @fernandogatti That's the same problem for me as well in Pakistan. You will need the send it to any country supported by MS

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    @shanna3229 Replacement is really a gamble as far as I know but it's your only option to get this off this issue. MS provides 3 years coverage for FlickerGate affected devices so its better tho replace it early so that your replaced device have enough warranty remaining in case it turns out to be defective later


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