How to Activate Cash App Card: Step by Step Guide?

  • Cash App is a digital payment app that is considered as the most secure money transfer app and very popular among users for features like Cash App card activation. The Cash App work as a mobile payment gateway and it is a virtual wallet that allows users to transfer and receive money online. Activate Cash App card has provided autonomy to those who do not have access to traditional bank cards due to a battery or network problems.

    Recently Square Cash App introduced its own debit card known as the cash card. You must know that Cash card is separate from your personal debit card and if you are an active Cash App user you can also get a Cash App card and Activate Cash App Card. And it is very important for you to know how to activate a cash app card.

    For Cash card activation there is a process that you need to follow. First of all, you need to order a Cash App card and after this, you can activate Cash App card online. You must read this blog post to understand how to activate the Cash card. There are two methods that are followed for card activation on Cash App one is activate Cash App card with QR code and the other is Cash App card activation without QR code.

    Following are the steps that you need to take for Cash App card activation:
    • Open the Cash App in your Android or I-phone device
    • Then click on the icon of Cash Card
    • Thereafter select the option of “Activate Cash App Card” to initiate the Cash card activation process
    • Next you will be asked to scan the QR Code on the Cash Card by using your mobile camera.
    • You need to align the QR code with the camera until it is scanned properly by the Cash App. After successfully aligning QR code, the activate Cash card process is complete and it is ready to use.


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