Surface Pro 4 Temporary Solutions?

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    Hi everyone,
    Is there a universal explanation for why this is happening, or are there many causes? For me, the screen flickers at first for about 10 minutes, but then subsides afterwards. I have a theory - similar flickering issues happened with my Thinkpad W530 and my iPad Pro. With my Thinkpad, the display connector was loose, so it returned to normal after disconnecting it and reconnecting it. With my iPad, it may have received too much shock and the display adapter's connection was loose as well. So, I think with the Surface Pro, it overheated and some components became warped over time; when it is cool, the components shrink, contributing to a faulty connection, and after some time, the components become hot again, enlarging, thus the screen becoming fixed. I was thinking that maybe it is just this connection that needs to be fixed, rather than the entire screen, but I am hesitant in taking the screen off to investigate. What do you think?
    Thanks for your support!


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